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Race Results

2000: The 1st Oceanman Results

Race Description: Swim 1500 (really 2250m), Kayak 8000m and Run 10000m

Men's Solo 1st place 2:28 Dave Sage (Lifeguard and Superhero)
2nd place 2:42 Alan Carlson (False Creek Canoe Coach)
3rd place 2:53 Terry Lewis (Celebrity athlete)
4th place 2:55 Dave Norona (Too skinny for cold water)
5th place 3:11 Chris Watt (Wattever)
6th place 3:18 Cam Towill (1st place in the registration)
7th place 3:21 Steve Forseth (Blue Crush Original Oceanman)
8th place 3:47 Ed Elliot (Heading to lumberjack championships)
9th place 4:05 Dean Payne (Sea 2 Summit and back to the beach)

Women's Solo 1st place 3:00 Shannon Bell (Lifeguard and Amazing)
2nd place 3:17 Carolyn Dauberry (Aquaphobic but fast)
3rd place 3:43 Lesley Trivett (Lifeguard and late for work)
4th place 3:57 Meghan McDonough (Course Adaptable*)

Female Relay 1st place 3:22 Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club Girls
Jen Lencoe, Sabrina Schwanebeck and Shauna Halferty

Men's Relay 1st place 2:28 Team Pulling Water
John Melnikow, Rick Nuu and Mike Parks
2nd place 2:29 Jericho Beach Boys
Turlough O'Hare, Gary Parsons and Marc Perrot
3rd place 2:33 Salish on the Beach
Kent Williams, Nick Gates and Stephen Court
4th place 2:37 Nick and Alexanders' Dads' Team
Dave Wilkins, Chuck Higgins and Bill Geddes
5th place 2:44 Team Lance Berkhart
Trevor Olson, Ian Green and John Newlands
6th place 3:04 Team Windsure
Jay Bradley, Martin Rother and Friedrich Boxbaum
7th place 3:52 Team Mike Duo
Micheal Yull and John Lee and Mike Yull again

Mixed Relay 1st place 3:05 Team Power Bar
Frank Lucarelli, Jen Richards and Holly Richards
2nd place 3:24 Team France
Jason Bell and Pascale Ranjoni

Team Category 1st place
3:19 Team Vancouver Island
Jeff Gallimore, Ron Williams and Elizabeth Williams

1st place
Lisa Lindal, Wendy Lyn-Burner and Caroline Macnamara

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