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Race Results

Jericho Oceanman 2001 Results

Swim 1500 (with air mattress paddle),
Paddle 8000m (with beach run) and
Run 10000m (with croquet and Rapa Nui and cliffs!)

Open Male: Top 15
Place Name Time
1st Rob Hansen 2:15
2nd Dave Norona 2:17
3rd Tom Barricello 2:33
4th Ian Dunn 2:33:50
5th Jason Bell 2:34
6th Dave Howells 2:36
7th Steve Knoll 2:37
8th Andreas Aalus 2:38
9th Gwendal Castellan 2:39:50
10th Kurt Feschuk 2:42
11th Bob Putnam 2:48
12th Brian Page 2:48:50
13th Colin Grey 2:49
14th Bill Harbord 2:51
15th Mike Wiebe 3:00

Open Women: Top 3
Place Name Time
1st Caroline Hubbard 2:39
2nd Elizabeth Whiting 3:19
3rd Maria King 3:38

Women's Relay
Place Name Time
1st Three Ladies Race 2:28
Swim Leslie Trivett
Paddle Sabrina Schwanebeck
Run Kelly Wilcox
2nd Sunshine Gals 2:37:50
Swim Joanne Isaacson
Paddle Jennifer Stanick
Run Janet Pople Clement
3rd Jericho Wahines 2:40:50
Swim Nancy Krump
Paddle Wendy Pollock
Run Teresa Ross
4th The Geezerettes
Swim Karen Hoffman
Paddle Christine Hoffman
Run Mary Hoffman

Men's Relay
Place Name Time
1st Pulling Water 2:01
Swim John Melinkow
Paddle Rick Nu'u
Run Mike Parkes
2nd The Bakehouse Boys 2:05
Swim Dave Sage
Paddle Ian Green
Run Brent Zack
3rd Two Old Guys and a Fast Guy 2:12
Swim William Walters
Paddle Ken Stanick
Run Dwayne Sales
4th Captain Highliners 2:14:50
Swim Nick Gates
Paddle Nick Gates
Run Steve Cork
5th T.B.G.'s 2:16:50
Swim Butch Batchelor
Paddle Tim Gale
Run Gary Davis
6th Two Paddlers and Murray 2:20
Swim Murray McCutcheon
Paddle Paul McNamara
Run Dave Boone
7th Yankee Doodle Potroast 2:21
Swim Jim Torrance
Paddle Chuck Higgins
Run John Brosseau

Mixed Relay
Place Name


1st 2 Wahines and a Kane 2:13
Swim ShannonBell
Paddle Zoe Norcross
Run Juris Ezergaus
2nd Organ Donors 2:21
Swim Suzanne Salter
Paddle Scott Williams
Run Trevor Olson
3rd Team Hardy 2:44
Swim John Hardy
Paddle Rob
Run Adrian
4th The Kurts 2:44:50
Swim Leslie MacLean
Paddle Klint Tuft
Run Kurt Millar
5th Team Siso 2:54
Swim Alex Storue
Paddle Teddie Edmonson
Run Ryan Malcolm
6th The Odd Couple 2:57
Swim Bob Stewart
Paddle Bob Stewart
Run Jan Chavarie
7th River Rats 3:11
Swim Bess Underhill
Paddle Keith Underhill
Run Sara Patterson

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